We Are Going Public.

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Introducing Bluevale Pacific

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Bluevale Pacific is Bluevale’s pre-initial public offering (IPO) entity with an aim of going public within 1-3 years. Unlike a traditional REIT, our focus will be to continuously build the AUM of the company to $300M+.

Why Go Public

Bluevale pre-IPO phase will consolidate its large multi-family real estate portfolio, and aiming to attract more than $100 million in AUM within 12 months. Bluevale’s portfolio of stabilized, multi-family assets and robust pipeline of new acquisitions will back this capital raise.

By taking this consolidated entity public, we’re taking a first step toward ensuring we continue to be well resourced and capitalized in support the future growth of our company.

Learn How to Partner with Us

In exchange for the $25 initial capital raise, early investors in the value-add fund will get premium access to seats on Bluevale’s Board of Directors, substantial performance-related fees, and liquidation preferences on newly acquired properties.

Bluevale is looking for LP/GP sponsors to consolidate future projects. To learn more about how you can become a Bluevale LP/GP investor, reach out if you are interested to schedule a meeting.