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Bluevale scales major multi-family real estate expansion in Western Canada + United States, enters pre-IPO phase

Bluevale Capital Group Expands Affordable Housing in St. Catharines with Historic Acquisition

Bluevale Capital is investing in a multi-family property in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The firm intends to BRRR the property to improve the real estate to market value.
We are very excited about this 6 plex in Calgary, Bluevale’s first project outside of Ontario. We have $500K in planned renovations for all 6 units (as well as the exterior), and look to improve on affordable housing for the Bowness community in Calgary.
Bluevale Capital is investing in our first multi-family property outside of Canada, in sunny Los Angeles! This 18 unit MDU is located in central LA, in Korea-town. This massive building features 825sqft layouts, and has a huge opportunity for second bedroom conversions to deliver a $6.5 million exit price

Bluevale addressing the houses crisis in Niagara Regions in Ontario Canada. We are passionate about finding creative solutions to create more housing with existing under utilized properties. 

Welcome to Bluevale’s first investor webinar. We’re excited to be sharing updates on Bluevale’s current projects and release news about our upcoming new business lines.