Why invest in just one Bluevale project?

Introducing the Bluevale Value-Add Fund

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All Bluevale value add projects are stringently reviewed and must meet a minimum 18% investor return threshold at the fund level.
The Bluevale Value Add fund gives you access to all of the upside from a portfolio of projects across Canada and the USA.

Limited Partnership Investment Opportunity

Having streamlined and proven our value-add investment strategy within syndicated deal structures, Bluevale has now decided to establish our first fund. We leverage our 10+ years of expertise to deliver a diversified fund portfolio. 

Bluevale has been in the real estate space for over 7 years, acquiring, optimizing and disposing real estate assets. In the past 2 years, we have shifted our focus to more multi-residential syndicated projects. We have added $18M in economic value during this time and have built a fund that allow investors seeking diversification in Canada and the US to gain access to the exceptional returns from all of our value add projects.

Learn How to Partner with Us

Bluevale is looking for LP/GP sponsors to consolidate future projects. To learn more about how you can become a Bluevale LP/GP investor, reach out if you are interested to schedule a meeting.